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"You might go to central Brooklyn for the tamal steamed in a banana leaf, or the little masa pockets called tetelas, at La Loba Cantina, in Kensington."

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"Many [mezcals] come in picturesque pours, featuring gourds, crockery, citrus wedges, and spice-dusted wooden platforms. Really, if you escape the cantina without becoming tipsy from a couple of shots, you’re missing the point of La Loba ('The She-Wolf')."

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"The standout dish is the tlayuda, a large toasted tortilla layered with beans, cheese, avocado, and meat that’s sometimes referred to as Mexican pizza. 


"This Oaxaca-influenced cantina is the mescal bar Kensington didn’t even know it needed."

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[La Loba Cantina] genuinely looks like a place you’d stumble across on a random street corner in Oaxaca. Yet despite the obvious pleasures of its elote salads and calabaza quesadillas, its religion is, unquestionably, mezcal.

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"Pull up a stool at the bar next to nearby residents and after-hours crews from neighboring restaurants who’ve already discovered it’s what they’ve been seeking in a local hangout."