"You might go to central Brooklyn for the tamal steamed in a banana leaf, or the little masa pockets called tetelas, at La Loba Cantina, in Kensington."

“And a hearty thank you to the New York Today readers who shared a few of the more recent spots they most admire there: La Loba Cantina for Oaxacan food and mezcal.”

“A little bit of Oaxaca in the Big Apple. The Menos es Más, a traditional cocktail—booze, sugar, and citrus over crushed ice, brings out the mezcal's floral side. It's also easy to make, and ready to carry you into the weekend.”

"Many [mezcals] come in picturesque pours, featuring gourds, crockery, citrus wedges, and spice-dusted wooden platforms. Really, if you escape the cantina without becoming tipsy from a couple of shots, you’re missing the point of La Loba ('The She-Wolf')."

12 Tequila Temples With Outstanding Agave-Based Drinks - “In addition to exciting food rooted in the Mexican region, its mezcals are the specialty here, with 50 varieties available in small and large shots or in classic and house cocktails.”

7 Outstanding Oaxacan Restaurants in NYC - “Decorated in a way that makes you feel like you’re in Mexico…its emphasis is on mezcals, presented in all sorts of interesting ways.”

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"The standout dish is the tlayuda, a large toasted tortilla layered with beans, cheese, avocado, and meat that’s sometimes referred to as Mexican pizza.” 

"This Oaxaca-influenced cantina is the mescal bar Kensington didn’t even know it needed."

"Step inside La Loba Cantina and you’ll feel like you’ve been momentarily transported, thanks to the tropical décor and the Oaxaca-inspired menu."

“[La Loba Cantina] genuinely looks like a place you’d stumble across on a random street corner in Oaxaca. Yet despite the obvious pleasures of its elote salads and calabaza quesadillas, its religion is, unquestionably, mezcal.”

"This cute Kensington/Flatbush spot offers a laid back environment to dip your toes into mezcal drinking, with mezcal tastings and takeovers to learn more about the spirit."

"Pull up a stool at the bar next to nearby residents and after-hours crews from neighboring restaurants who’ve already discovered it’s what they’ve been seeking in a local hangout."